About Us

Earthkards.com is a division of Membership Cards Only, LLC and is dedicated to high quality production and manufacturing of cards and related products that are more environmentally friendly (“greener”) than most traditional cards and related products.

We are dedicated to manufacturing biodegradable cards for associations, insurance companies, ad agencies, printers, direct mail producers, retails organizations, rewards/loyalty organizations, fulfillment centers, and a host of other membership based groups.

Earthkards.com has access to all 34 MCO manufacturing partner facilities located in various parts of the US and each facility specializes in producing certain types of “green” cards and related products. The extensive equipment list for these facilities includes offset printing, flexographic printing, digital printing, affixing, match affixing, variable imaging, packaging, and mail shop capabilities.

Membership Cards Only, LLC has been producing all sorts of card products since 1995. Since that time, we have been known as industry experts regarding laser compatible cardsdigitally compatible cardsindividual hard cards, and the corresponding imaging and mailing of these compostable card products. For more information, you can click on www.membershipcards.com



John Meginley, VP of SALES, Richard Faust, President/CEO, & Jim Murphy, VP of Marketing